Interpretation of web data

One of the most important factors to establish whether a web page, e-commerce project, app or internet project is working is to select the right tools to evaluate the data and to correctly interpret them. Similarly, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) objectives must be set in order to find out whether the projects are working and to identify any room for improvement.

Google Analytics is Google’s free tool for monitoring what is happening in your website in detail. How many users visit it, what they do there, where they came from and what they were searching for when they were redirected to your web page by Google... Connecting Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager allows access to a set of tools that allows for accurately measuring each of the users’ actions in the web page or e-commerce project to quickly identify any room for improvement.

However, just having Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager installed will not suffice, you also need to know how to read them. Volcànic Internet can help you understand and interpret the data to make the best decisions and to be able to carefully decide what your next steps should be.


You might be interested if:

You want a detailed understanding of what is happening in your website.

You don’t know about the profiles of users visiting your website, such as where they come from, what they are searching for, their path and how long they spend on your website.

You wish to plan modifications to your website and need the data to be able to identify where there is room for improvement