Web design

We can start work on designing your web page using either the style guide prepared by Volcànic Internet or your own.

The process starts by establishing the objectives for the web page: What do we wish to achieve as a company by creating a web page?

The next step is to establish the process you would like visitors to follow. Would you like them to purchase a product? Would you like them to contact you? Would you like them to view specific content?

Once we have all this information, it’s time to prepare the web page’s wireframes or skeleton, much like establishing the foundations for building a house. Then we come together to fine tune this until we are agreed on the shape we want your web page to take, and finally we apply the style elements that will make it unique, with your identity transpiring through each and every pixel.


You might be interested if:

You are in the process of creating your web page.

You wish to renew the web page you already have.