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For over 10 years, our international team has been providing technological solutions to companies all over the world from our offices in Olot and other locations where we work.   Our expert team of designers, analysts and programmers remains at your disposal to help your company adapt to the digital environment.   Do you need any help?
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How much does a web page cost?

The cost of any project will depend on a number of factors, so the sooner you give us all the information about what you need, the sooner we will be able to provide you with an estimate. Tell us about the challenge you are facing and we will help you crunch the numbers.
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The process

Analysis and Diagnostic

The most important first step in any project is to carry out a preliminary diagnostic of the objectives, the environment within which we are competing and the scope and characteristics required.   Volcànic Internet can help you evaluate your company’s situation and identify potential business opportunities.


Once we have correctly analysed why, how and what we need to do, the next step is to arrive at the concept upon which we will build your project. What the objectives are, how users are expected to behave, the message to be conveyed and the structure.  


Once we have decided on what needs to be done and how we need to do it, we can continue to the project’s creative stage.   Then we come together to define the style and the message the company or brand wishes to convey, after which Volcànic Internet prepares your website’s design and style.


Once all the planning and design work has been done, it’s time to build the project – the programming.   Volcànic Internet develops projects using the most efficient technologies and languages to make sure your website or app does not become obsolete ahead of schedule.

Maintenance and improvement

The process does not come to an end once the website is published. In fact, that is when the real work starts! Working on web positioning (SEO), digital marketing campaigns (SEM and Social Media), studying all the potential channels to communicate through and keeping the website up to date with new content and functionalities are all key to maintain both the brand and the company up to date.
Analysis and Diagnostic
Maintenance and improvement

Code Outsourcing

We are programmers with a sense for business. If your company needs to outsource a section of its projects or simply increase the size of your team to meet a one-off demand, Volcànic Internet can offer customised programming services based on different schemes and relationship models. Enjoy access to a professional team with experience in different areas of programming and business as quickly as possible to seamlessly unblock that pending project or kick off that initiative you had been unable to start due to a lack of developers.
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