The easiest way to manage team projects and tasks

The best work management tool

The leading work management tool

Asana allows teams to break down goals and ideas into actionable tasks, assign them to others, and communicate in one place to drive the work forward.
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Consulting services

To make the process of integrating Asana into your day-to-day business a success, nothing better than relying on the support of our team of experts. Our experience with clients from different sizes and sectors will allow the implementation process in your organization to be as easy and quick as possible. Volcanic is an Asana Solutions Partner and together we will make the process a success

This is the process we'll continue to implement Asana in your organization

Problem definition
In the first phase of our process, we define because we need a new tool to manage our organization. What is the problem we want to solve with Asana, and why we want to use a new tool in our day-to-day. Based on these points of improvement, we will develop the response to each problem.
Status Quo Analysis
In the second stage, we will analyse: 1. How is your company organized? 2. Which processes are you currently running? 3. What problems do these processes have? 4. How do people and teams work together today? 5. How does this cooperation between people work and how can it be improved? 6. What tools are you using?
First workflow setup and integration into the current structure
We will then configure the first processes and projects for each team. We can start from scratch or we can use pre-existing resources and templates that will help us simplify the implementation of Asana
Onboarding and training
After that, we'll train your team in the use of Asana. According to the typology of your organization, we will develop a deployment and training plan to ensure that the process is successful. Learn more about formations
Support and improvement
Once the team starts using Asana we will work with you to adjust the day-to-day management with Asana of your projects and measure the success of their implementation in your organization. Volcanic will support you to resolve those doubts that may arise about the best way to handle depending on what situation.
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We are here to help you

Asana offers absolute flexibility and that is why good support in choosing the right configuration and a good implementation process are essential to ensure the success of the process:
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