Full Stack NodeJS / React Developer - Senior

At Volcanic Internet we take care of every detail in the solutions we develop for our clients. If you have passion and are eager to work closely with your team mates and clients... We want you!

We offer

  • High performance work environment with experienced profiles and multidisciplinary team:
    • Product
    • Development
    • Analytics
  • In house tech talks with continuous training
  • External training
  • Innovation in each of the new solutions. Not all the problems have the same solution
  • Teamwork
  • Flexible hours and vacation time
  • Fully remote
  • Agile methodologies: sprints, scrum, lean…
  • Set your own salary

The role

You will be developing high performance products that are permanently validated by the team and the client. You'll either manage end to end projects or parts of them.

Personal requirements

  • Communicative capacity
  • Common sense to develop optimal solutions that really solve problems in the most efficient way possible for the user
  • Teamwork. At Volcànic we always work as a team and the solutions to the problems posed are openly discussed. We are looking for a participatory person but at the same time also independent. It's not just about bringing problems, it's also about coming up with thought-provoking solutions.
  • Proactive
  • English: read, written and spoken.

Technical requirements

We are looking for a developer that can feel comfortable assuming front and backend tasks and the knowledge of as many of the following technologies is a plus:

  • Proficient knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Strong knowledge of React
  • Strong knowledge of NodeJS
    • NPM publishing → sharing components and business logic through packages
    • Yarn workspaces
  • Knowledge of Redux
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes and Helm
  • Knowledge of SASS and PostCSS
  • Experience with high-performant, high-scaleable, reactive systems 
  • Correctly structure the code, clean code, SOLID and unit testing
  • Familiar with Agile methodologies with Scrum or Kanban frameworks
  • Familiar with GIT version control

Nice to Have

  • AWS
  • Hapi
  • Varnish VLC
  • MarkoJS
  • React


  • Examples of web developments or code shall be provided during the process
  • The recruitment process consists of 2 parts:
    • A 1h 30m long test that can be done remotely
    • Interview (in person or remotely) with managers and / or someone on the team

How can you apply?

Send your presentation letter along with your CV to